Discography » DREAMSLAVE - 2005 (CD/ Digi CD)

This Dark Reign Prod./CD-Maximum Rec.


1. Act I: There is No Time for Inaction.
2. Under the Silent Moon
3. Dreamslave
4. Masquerade
5. Act II: In the World of Violence and Lies
6. Master Of Everything
7. Supremacy Over the World
8. The
Main Art of Mortal.
9. Slave Forever
10. Act III: Time of Eternal Dream
11. Crash of Hope
12. Last Day of the Real Existence.
13. Eternal Dream
14. Act IV:
Infinite Road To Hell
15. Dark Veil of Dreams
16. Where Once the Moon Rose

Alexander Afonchenko all vocals & bass

Andrey Tselobenok guitars

Oleg Maslakov guitars

Sergey Dead Tselobenok drums

Additional musician:

Sergey Tsvikevich keyboards and orchestral arrangment

Tatjana Lazarjkova Solo cello Tracks

Andrey Polovchenia vargan, bagpipe, surma

Konstantin Kontsevoj back vocal in 16 track

Thanks for support provided by the orchestral section of the Mogilev Academy of Music.

Rec. in January, 2004 July, 2004 at Moustache and John Studio, Mogilev, Belarus.

Produced & engineered by Sergey Nickolaenko, Alexander Afonchenko, Andrey Mazhara.

Mastered at CDM Studio, Moscow, Russia by Sergey Atrashkevich

Picture by Ernest Brendel

Artwork by

Foto by Irina Shkredova

Thanks to: Sergey Nickolaenko, Andrey Mozhara, John Geldbach, Natalija Ilyenkova, Pavel Pavlikhin & Rasta, A. Litvinsky, S. Atrashkevich, I. Shkredova, , Andrey Man (M-zine), Ad & Rockhell-zine, S. Kurt Hramtsov & 3ton, M. Chizh, N. Chizh, T. Lazarjkova, O. Barozhinsky, V. Kodunov, A. Shumeiko, I. Korzhov, S. Tsvikevich, N. Sharan, D. Nazarov, A. Nazarov, N. Brueva, V. Krutov, V. Ovsyannikov, O. Tsigankova, Lesley Knife, V. Salcevich & Gods Tower (R.I.P.), S. Napetkov, S. Moroz, V. Znaharenko, E. Rul & Apocryphal, Lost World, ZINES M, Terroraizer, Fatal Forum, ROSSOMAHAAR, RASTA, BEDLAM, BEHEMOTH, DEMENTOR, FLYING, DISENTOMB, etc.

..and all our friends, parents and families!

Special thanks to all our fans for your support!!!!!

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