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I'm always glad when I get to hear an album like this, not because it's a great masterpiece or something, but it's always nice to notice that fortunately there are many good and talented Black Metal bands out there still with very much to offer.
Black Metal is not just Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral, Satyricon, Immortal and a few others I haven't mentioned, if you think that way, let me tell you that you're missing a lot!
I'm not comparing Asguard to any of those really, they still have to walk through a damn big road if they want to even be considered in the same league, but still these guys show a lot of potential with "Black Fire Land".

Well I've never heard of them before until I had their album in my hands, so I was not quite sure what to expect, just that their were a Black Metal band. I decided to make a little search and found out that they were a Symphonic Black Metal band from Belarus in the vein of Emperor and Old Man's Child, and since I'm a big fan of both, I got very excited with this description.

Their music can be considered as dark and evil, but very melodic at the same time. The vocals of Alexander Afonchenko kind of remind me of Galder some times, and this a very big compliment for him because, for me, Galder is one of the most talented musicians in the whole Black Metal scene, if not the most talented one.
You can expect some high quality and fast riffs with pounding druming, but also some very nice melodic parts with keyboards or even guitar solos.
Too bad there are only 7 tracks in this album, not very unusual for a Black Metal album, but it has just 33 minutes as well, so that's pretty much the only thing that I dislike.

The album begins with the great "Black Fire Land", it starts with very nice keyboard intro until mid paced drums and guitars begin as well. Slowly, both guitars and drums speed up as hell reminding me of a song from Cradle Of Filth.
You can also find here a previous track from their demo "In the Darkness of the Night" and a cover of Manowar's "Metal Warriors". After hearing "War" (demo) it's nice to see that the vocals were improved, not as if they were bad, but they sound much better now.
As for the cover from Manowar, all I have to say is that's just fucking amazing! If you enjoy Manowar and are into Black Metal like I am, you'll love it for sure!
In conclusion, this is a damn good album, so buy it or die!


1. Black Fire Land
2. The last day of real existence
3. Craft of death
4. Eternal dream
5. Bloody hate Е (and souls of dead dreams)
6. War
7. Metal Warriors (Manowar cover)


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