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label: Devil Doll Recordswebsite: http://www.devildollrecords.comThis may be the most impressive black metal band I've encountered since I first heard Old Man's Child and Cradle of Filth, though I would by no means compare this band to them, stylistically speaking. The press release called this black metal - and so it is - but I was expecting the harsh, brain-churning molten slab of noise BM instrumentals often sound like, not the crisp, sleek-grooved thrash metal precision of Asguard's hybrid black metal. The vocals (mostly high pitched with some deeper accompaniment) fit black metal just fine, but the instrumental side owes just as much to thrash. Even so, within the speeding progression of the thrash grooves you can detect the dark, barren wintermelody of black metal. I hear so much extreme metal, and a lot of it is good, but to hear something that gives me pause ... well, there's something on fire here!review written by: Upchuck Undergrind

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