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Asguard (Russia)- "Wikka" (2005 This Dark Reign Recordings) I never heard of Mogilev Belarus, so I'm assuming it's in the vicinity of Russia and it's a rare occasion you get bands from these regions to even surface over here in the United States. This talented 4-piece fuse Black Metal with "true" Metal, Neo-Classical and Progressive giving their music an interesting and identifiable vibe and texture. This is just some crafty and innovative stuff without really relying on obvious influences or being a copycat. This is the band's debut full-length despite being around 9 years but the veteran status shows in their music. The CD also includes a Judas Priest cover of "Leather Rebel" and 5 other bonus tracks not even accounted for as far as info or liner notes in the CD. I can only assume maybe it's their "Summis Desiderantess Effectibus" EP. Just a mystery to me but good stuff as well but not as potent as the album itself; a worthy band for the ears.

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