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Asguard are back and I have to say, I was quite interested in checking out their new work. I found their debut album entitled "Black Fire Land" to be quite interesting, and it was certainly nice to see a band that showed a lot of promise from a country which is not exactly known for its Metal traditions (Belarus).
I heard a great deal of compliments about "Dreamslave", but when they come from people who work closely with the band you're not sure if they are really true. Nonetheless, I already had this band in my good graces, so I didn't really doubted it. The thing is, I wasn't expecting the new album to be this good! Or different, to be more accurate, but I'll get back to that in a second.

Their music style is still Black Metal, but "Dreamslave" presents us a different approach, or so that is my opinion. It seems the boys were seduced by the symphonic side of Black Metal, which is something that I found particulary interesting. In fact, it's a shame there aren't that many bands following the same path these days.
Asguard are very talented, I can't say that enough. They are skilled musicians and I found the harsh vocals to be quite good as well, something that not all bands of the genre are able to achieve.
The album is divided in four acts with a total of 16 tracks. The songs are not very big, but at least they didn't add a bunch os instrumental tracks just to fill this up. A total of 50 minutes of well played music is definitely worth the money paid for it.

If you still want to check a few songs to get the taste of it, fortunately there's plenty to choose from here. Nonetheless, "Dreamslave" and "Crash or Hope" are my favourites here and perfect examples of the quality from this band from Belarus. And I have nothing else to add, this band rocks!

1. Act I: There Is No Time For Inaction
2. Under The Silent Moon
3. Dreamslave
4. Masquerade
5. Act II: In The World Of Violence And Lies
6. Master Of Everything
7. Supremacy Over The World
8. The Main Art Of Mortal
9. Slave Forever
10. Act III: Time Of Eternal Dream
11. Crash Of Hope
12. Last Day Of The Real Existence
13. Eternal Dream
14. Act IV: Infinite Road To Hell
15. Dark Veil Of Dream
16. Where Once The Moon Rose
Reviewed by: Crepusculo

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