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Asguard: Dreamslave
From Belarus comes the melodic death/black metal band Asguard. Dreamslave is a strong effort from the band, filled with plenty of crushing riffs, venemous vocals, and surprise, a surplus of symphonic keyboard orchestrations. This last element is probably what will set Asguard apart from many other bands in the genre, and sadly what also might isolate themselves from some extreme metal fans who scoff at progressive elements in black or death metal music. To these ears however, this is a real plus, as the abundance of keyboards temper the brutality of the vocals and guitar work somewhat, and give the music a very sophisticated edge. Take "Master of Everything" for example, a rabid black metal piece littered with blood-curdling vocals, pounding drums, and manic tremelo picked guitar riffs, yet the keyboard solos and arrangements make for a very majestic and powerful metal track. There's even some cello and bagpipes in spots which also adds to the rich instrumentation found on the CD. Don't let any of this fool you though-this is a metal album through and through. "Last Day Of The Real Existence" is a pummeling tune that reminded me a little of Borknagar, especially in the vocal department as well as the overall symphonic nature of the track. The drum work on the album is also stellar, although perhaps a little too high in the mix. The guitar solos also are mixed too low, adding to a sometimes puzzling production. The songs themselves are very good, and if the band keeps up this level of songwriting and musicianship next time around, and get themselves a slightly better production job, they will more than ready themselves for the big leagues.

Track Listing
1. There Is No Time For Inaction
2 . Under The Silent Moon
3 . Reamslave
4. Asquerade
5. The World Of Violence And Lies
6. Master Of Everything
7 . Supremacy Over The World
8. The Main Art Of Mortal
9 . Lave Forever
10. Time Of Eternal Dream
11 . Crash Of Hope
12. Last Day Of The Real Existence
13. Eternal Dream
14 . Infinite Road To Hell
15. Dark Veil Of Dreams
16. Where Once The Moon Rose

Reviewer: Pete Pardo
Score: 4/5

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