» DREAMSLAVE Awakening - 2007




1. From Chaotic Memory


2. Something in the past.


The whole world vanished in the darkness.

It is fear? No Horror has disappeared

in the darkness of night. Its panic!

Its insanity. They have fused

together in order not to let You come

to Your senses.


There is no future,

the darkness has shrouded all around.

There is no death, there is no life either,

eternity is the only thing that exists,

but its monotonous.

The darkness has shrouded life itself.


Night has come, and life has gone away.

There is night and darkness,

the moon is just a reflection of a light night.

But how can I still believe in the charm of night?

Well, but I want to come back to the world,

where there is less lie and were reason rules.


There were only a few thoughts,

risen from his memories,

which origin he couldnt explain.

He didnt remember anything

except asking himself the same questions.

Who am I? Where am I from?

Where am I? He couldnt answer them.

He also wanted to know why he was in panic fear

before going to sleep.


Anyway, everything was in the past,

and the past as much

as the future is just time,

the present is eternity.


But still there was

something in the past.


There was something! 


3. In Two Time



I  can hear her voice.

The thought of freedom

is nothing in the chaos of false ideas

and idle memories.


Life, sleep and thought

are senseless and disordered

and its only a phantom of hope,

that revives visions

from the chaotic memory

of the hazy past.

Its like two sides of the whole:

freedom and slavery,

day and night, sleep and life!


But the time has come.

Somebodys voice

doesnt leave me alone.

The only way

out for me is to fall asleep.


There are only a few seconds

just a few moments to fall asleep again.

There will be sleep again,

there will be life again.


But is it a real life or just fiction?

Its only a wish to turn something

which is desired into reality.

It is moon light again

and everything repeats.


You are the master of everything,

everything belongs to you.

The voice is heard again

but it doesnt attract,

it commands to come back.

It follows me.

I have a few seconds to wake.


4. Rebellion


The nights dark, its raining, and the skies are shadowed
The borders of their gothic town cut through the dark

High towers and sharp roves rise, disappearing in the dark.
The square is full of gallows with ropes, carrying the dead
That rock in the wind
Hooks violently tear their bodies and legs to pieces

At an alarming sound of the bells death arises..
Death arises from dreams
With you, fires and bayonets

So many heads have been taken with them
As if they were roughly picked flowers.

Deep cough of desolate cannons
Counts the groans of passing hours.
Here comes one.

Absurdity is sensed in the fires burning
And in the cries full of strength.
See this fresh blood from each vein,
Feel that savage fear from tension:
Chaos doesnt rule long
And everything calms down,
Gets back to the centuries of its wait
In the realm of dreams


5. Buried Alive.


Its very naive of You to believe in the dream,

to believe that you can fall asleep forever.

In the morning the body was unconscious.

He was sure to be dead.

He was to be buried.

Only a stranger didnt believe

that he was dead,

but nobody believed that it is was a

lethargic dream.


His body was lying under

several metres of humid soil.


He didnt find the rest, he only knew,

what everlasting sleep was.

He wanted to become a master,

but he was just a slave.

He was sleeping and didnt know

what his sleep turned out to be.

And still he fell asleep in that world,

but could his dream contain another dream?


It would have been worse to wake up

and find himself below ground.

There were so many people buried alive,

who were lying somewhere nearby,

they were dying of the thought

that they had been interred too early.


The main point was that there was

no way out and they were

going to stay there forever,

that fear would shroud their mind

and death would come like black dream.


6. Awakening


Suddenly he woke up.

Darkness and silence are around.

Its such a stillness that he hasnt heard

of even during that profound dream.


The darkness is eating his eyes up,

the lungs are compress because

there isnt enough air,

the crams in his muscles dont let him move


how can a man stand that?

Where am I now? Am I sleep?

Is It Reality? Is it death?

No Is It Life. But where am ?

I can hear a sound.

And dream comes back.


When he was getting weaker,

he woke  uponlyat night

there was deep stillness

and gloom around him.

However, the slightest noise

scared him and he fell asleep again.


Then he began waking up more often,

but there was the same darkness around him.

There was no air.


It was panic.

He took a deep breath

and uttered a cry, a wail,

appeared from the most dreadful dream

in a death struggle.

A sound! What a sound up there!

They have heard him.

They know, they know.


7. Like fallen stars.


My memory is a bloody wound that has been draining my brain

It is devouring me from inside

I was unconscious all past years

And I will remain this way in the future.


Oh, abyss of the oceans of consciousness!

All my life I have been reaching for you.

I looked back only after losing it,

But the flame of sorrow burnt everything inside.


Oh, fragrance of the night that used to be in my heart so long ago.

I was only able to sense a bitter taste of losses

I remember sweet breath of the wind and the sounds of that forest

But where am I now?

Oh, forgotten tears and revelations of the soul.

Who can see the misery in me

Along with the fear depriving me of the last thoughts?
And my memory escapes from me as if in a phantasmal dream


You have deceived me, and taken what I used to have

And all the bridges to the places where were expected, have been burnt down

My chances of jumping are like fallen stars,

But I will get the chance of salvation

8. Where everything was different


He heard someone was fracturing the boards

He couldnt remember for how long he hadnt seen it.

It was light! Nobody but him

could realize what that light meant

It was Light. And there was some figure there.

It was him! He came to save him.

It was him. It was a stranger!

The stranger didnt say a word,

but his motions produced some sound.


He had been lying so many years

in cold and damp ground, foreign ground,

which had almost swallowed him alive

just like those miserable slaves of their own dreams.

They were still lying in the ground,

greedy, insatiable of new lives.


But now he is free,

as has never been in his life.

He is free.

But it was so difficult to become free.

But where is he? Where is the stranger?

He has disappeared.

He said only one phrase and vanished.

Now its high time to go where everything began,

where everything was different.


9. November night.


They havent accepted him.

No! They have banished him.

They havent understood him,

for died so long ago.

But the dead cant walk

and cant speak.

He is dead for them.

He was banished.


But it is his castle.

He was born here

and he will die here, too


He will die He will also

be born here again.


Where does it come from?


What a burden.

Its the pain of his soul.

All his wounds

made him suffer greatly.

Its time to fall asleep

But this time forever.


The pain began to pass off.

He also thought, that he had to vanish

and he was probably more sure

of that than the stranger.

He had been in a state of sheer

and peaceful reflection

until the tower clock stroke midnight

He was still alive, when the dawn began.

Then his had fell down unwillingly

and he took his last breath.



10. Disappearing in the dark.


11. From the abyss to misty heaven.


There were dead bodies all around

even vultures were not attracted

by the chary carcasses at the moment.

Every second animals and people

were dying of lighting,

which streaks were

surprisingly accurate.


All that completed the scene

of decaying corpses and burning dead.

A leaden low sky was above them

The storm clouds were witting home.


That continued for a few months

from the day his body had been found in his castle.

Nobody knew how he could appear

after he was buried so long before.


A lot of  people saw his phantom,

which was crying for sympathy

but nobody helped him.

And people were continually dying.

A number of victims

of the sky was rising.


Once the sky was full of moon light,

once it was covered with the patterns,

created by the nature itself.

But at the moment people

were dying somewhere,

and senseless creatures

were coming in to the world

somewhere else.


And he did appear somewhere

he, who was free from all his sins

he was a master of everything

and nothing, a slave of dream,

a master of eternity,

a human being.  


11. Broken Dreams.


Some years passed after his birth.

But he remembered everything.

The baby couldnt forget anything.

He remember cicadas chirping

that moonlight night,

he remembered the moon road

in the darkness,

he remembered the alluring light,

which didnt leave his soul in peace,

which was calling, attracting him.


He remembered everything,

he kept in mind even that was just going to happen.

He couldnt have forgotten that!

he would remember it forever he would never forget the charm of that night,

of the moon, of the dream.

Everything had gone.

Everything was over.

but once he would probably see that moonlight again,

that moon road, that illusion, that life, that DREAM.


 (Text was written at June - August night 1999)


13. Golden Age (Kreator)


 Let me take you down

 Deeper than you know

 Reality is gone

 Yet so much left to show

 Let me take you down

 Let us look inside

 There's still so much to come

 It's time to say goodbye


 Broken dreams

 Misery replaced by constant ecstasy

 Wide awake open wide

 Existence of a better kind

 Waits for you waits for me

 Our minds become forever free

 Free of fear, free of rage

 The coming of the Golden Age for all


 Let me take you down

 Let life fade away 

 The ritual has begun

 Your life begins today

 Let me take you down

 Explore the other side

 Enlightened as we drown

 It's time to say goodbye


 Don't you turn around now

 Don't you be afraid now

 Just turn another page down

 Celebrate the Golden Age


14. Run Through The Night  (Accept)


After all we've done - our past is gone


Future is no more what it used to be


When we have been more sensible

And our world was safe

I'm living in this empty room

A room without a door


I run through the night

I can't handle my fears

I run through the night

Cannot hide my tears

I run through the night


I'm longing for a smile - dying for a little hope

Can't you see my pain

I'm with you but - still alone


At times when we're more sensible

I need you more and more

I am living in this empty room

A room without a door


I run through the night

I can't handle my fears

I run through the night

Cannot hide my tears

I run through the night - I run through the night




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