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1. WIKKA (instrumental) 
[music by A. Tselobenok ]
[ music by A. Afonchenko, lyrics by A. Afonchenko ]
Darkness, blown by dream
Come down
Life goes away,
There is already no sense in it
The heavenly creator
In the twilight of night
Will put off the life
In order to light flames up.
Read the vision of sleep
Blown by the night
Sleep is only moment,
You know,
But life is even shorter.
It is not doubt in sign
You ve closen death,
But was it worth living.
Put your heroic deed
In the book of revelations
It s a characteristic
Of people to forget
You later, you know.
Fear is seen in blazing sunrise
There is no light.
Of future in it.
There is only
Crash of hope.
There is something
Unsubjected to laws,
To earthly mind,
Tired of lie,
Ruthless, pitiless to his worshppering,
Moans but hearing
The repentance of soul. 

(vision 1) 
[ music by A. Afonchenko& A. Tselobenok, lyrics by A. Afonchenko ]

Return to that place, where you stayed,
Where light will flame up, where
Everything will be yours.
In these dreams, where night were
Lighter than day, where mind
Was full of unearthly thoughts
And now you must go but you promised him.
Promised to show, promised to give
Someing that he didn t know
How stars flame up, and dreams do,
How lightnings blaze up, and thoughts do.
But now you will be able to show him
How the day goes away and the night after it
And life together with it.
But he want's to understand, he could understand.
And how will you be able to answer him.
You promised, that everything will be different.
But it always doesn't turn out as you want.
You betrayed him, and he believed in you,
Whose expectation go away together with you.
He needed you. But he will not understand,
That you still with him and always will be with him. 

(visions 2)
[ music by A. Afonchenko& A. Tselobenok, lyrics by A. Afonchenko ]

Fear stay in your eyes
You was unhappy, fighting with death.
And what Fear No! Death No!
Will I die But why
To leave everything,
That was closed to you.
Now everything will be stoped.
I am not afraid of coming of the night,
but I wish the day will stay.
Eyes pray for escape
Why are these tears?
They will never be seen.
But there is no you, already.
Is it all beauty of life?
But now you are free.
Will be life. You can t .
Make or steal spaces.
They are in you.
You are that person here,
Who don t exist anywhere.
You are the master in the power of life,
In your power. Didn t you dream about it?
You was banished by those,
For whom you believed, for whom you count to be
On your side.
[ music by A. Afonchenko, lyrics by A. Afonchenko ]
The moonlight hidden
by the cloud,
the lighting drawing
patterns which
 are belong
only to the nature
on the sky.
Chirping of cicadas hidden
only by the most beautiful tones
of the musical night.
Road in a darkness lit
by the light
of unusual star shimmer lit
by the flashes of the lightning's
transparent but impenetrable
appearance of the fairy night,
enraptures you.
Unsurpassed in comparable
with some
sensation of lightness,
filled by most
innermost dreams
revived by the ideas,
flying forwards
the light breath
of the wind
that is free like dreams,
compared only
with the feeling of a flight.
You are master of everything,
everything belong's to you.
Power over everything
what you see
and what you feel gives you,
supremacy over the ubiquitous
and comprehensive
power over everything - alive and lifeless,
but powerful which doesn't obey any human low.
You are the only master of everything.

[music by A. Afonchenko& A. Tselobenok, Lyrics by H. P. Lovecraft Written in 1929]
There was no hand to hold me back
That night I found the ancient track
Over the hill and strained to see
The fields that teased my memory.
This tree that wall - I knew them well,
And all the roofs and orchards fell
Familiarly upon my mind
As from a past not far behind.
I knew what shadows would be cast
As the late moon came up at last
From back of Zaman's Hill, and how
The vale would shine three hours from now.
And when the path grew steep and high,
And seemed to end against the sky,
I had no fear of what might rest
Beyond that silhouetted crest.
Straight on I walked, while all the night
Grew pale with phosphorescent light,
And wall and farmhouse gable glowed
Unearthly by the climbing road.
There was the milestone that I knew -
"Two miles to Dunwich" - now the view
Of distant spire and roofs would dawn
With ten more upward paces gone...
The was no hand to hold me back
That night I found the ancient track,
And reached the crest to see outspread
A valley of the lost and dead;
And over Zaman's Hill the horn
Of a malignant moon was born,
To light the weeds and vines that grew
On ruined walls I never knew.
The fox-fire glowed in field and bog,
And unknown waters spewed a fog
Whose curling talons mocked the thought
That I had ever known this spot.
Too well I saw from the mad scene
That my loved past had never been -
Nor was I now upon the trail
Descending to that long dead vale.
Around was fog - ahead, the spray
Of star-streams in the Milky Way...
There was no hand to hold me back
That night I found the ancient track.

[music A. Tselobenok, lyrics by A. Afonchenko ]
When age fell
upon the world,
and wonder went out of the minds of men;
when grey cities
reared to smoky skies,
tall towers grim and ugly, in these shadow none might
dream of the sun or of Spring's flowering meads;
when learning stripped the Earth of her mantle
of beauty and poets
sang no more of twisted phantoms
have seen
with bleared and
inward looking eyes;
when these things had come to pass,
and childish hopes had gone forever,
there were a people who traveled out
of life on a quest into spaces
whither world's dreams had fled.
But those who has remained, were doomed to death.
After any years the world have sunk
in blood of the silly essences which have imagined by Gods.
And only those who, beyond, waking world and the tall cities,
a merging with the close air
and making him a part of their fabulous wonder.

[Glenn Tipton, Rob Halford & K.K. Downing]

Hero of the night
Blood and thunder
Rushing through me
Till the dawn of light
The sky is turning red
Like a renegade
All alone I walk through fire
Till I crash and blaze
I'm living on the edge
Start a chain reaction
Sears the neon light
Stealing all the action
Always takes the fight
Leather Rebel
Lightning in the dark
Leather Rebel
With a burning heart
Master of the streets
Bullet proof and bound for glory
Cities at my feet
I'm turning on the power
Running wild and free
No-one dares to stand before me
That's my destiny
To rule the darkest hours
I can see my future
Writings on the wall
Legend in my lifetime
Stories will recall

[by A.Afonchenko & A. Tselobenok
from the "In The Darkness Of The Night"]


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