1. Act I: There is No Time for Inaction.


2. Under the Silent Moon


If all around is so good, that

you cant  believe it

ask yourself

Arent you dead?
And if not -  this is
the most

fearful reason

to doubt

your real existence.



3. Dreamslave

Dont be a slave.
Only this way
you will be able
to put an end
to the sufferings
Throw down the chain of birth
and death.
But pain penetrated into me
while I was thinking, retired into myself.
How little I was left to live

Hurry up before this body
perishes and disappears,
Before diseases and old age
fall upon me,
Hurry up,
there is no time
for inaction.


And thinking
over the nature
of transient
forms of being.
I achieved my liberation
as the words
of Creator
sounded for me.  


4. Masquerade


Under the mask of death
Is the mask of dream
Under the mask of dream
Is the mask of lie
Under the mask of lie
Is the mask of death

Dream is after life.
Lie comes after dream
Death comes after lie
Dark is after death
Fears after  dark
And its just the beginning


The truth is that
You thought you had won and remained alone, and were the master of everything
But there isnt a place for the good in the world.
Evil and hell is here.

They all have betrayed you.
Why save them from crucifixion?
Hammer in a nail into consciousness of their mind.
By pushing them into the abyss
Of death, evil and misery



5. Act II: In the World of Violence and Lies


6. Master Of Everything


Moonlight hidden
by the cloud,
lighting in the sky
drawing patterns
which belong
only to nature


Chirping of cicadas have drowned
in the most beautiful tones
of nocturnal music


There is a road in the dark floodlit
by strange  shimmer coming from the stars

Transparent but impenetrable
figure of the night
enraptures you.


Unique and incomparable
To anything feeling of lightness
Is Full of your
innermost dreams
Which are revived by
the ideas flying towards
light breath
of the wind
being free like dreams
It could be compared only
to the feeling of a flight.


You are the master of everything,
It all belongs to you.
Power over everything  you see
And feel gives you,
supremacy over omnipresent
and everlasting nature


power over  all - alive and lifeless,
but mighty - that which dont obey any human law.


You are the only master of everything.
But it was just a dream.
Didnt  I realize where I was?
I couldnt doubt  the reality
Of all that had happened to me -
so real it was


I became like an  infant, who thought
in the language only he could understand
I couldnt  have thought
I was a slave to my dream
And  was dying slowly.

But I did live, I am alive and I will be!
(I supposed so).



7. Supremacy over the world


Supremacy over the world,
Eternal life & power didnt let me
Realize unreality of the
Things happening.


I couldnt have thought,
That I was asleep.
And how pleasant, deceptive
And cruel my dreams were!
All unreal replaced the reality.
Bright splashing light turned into
Soft glimmer of a calm night


Of the night in which all wishes and dreams
Became spiritualized
And thoughts interlaced with reality
Where only you were the master
Of everything,
Where the night was
Drawing outlines
Of  eternity,
Which was beyond any
Human mind.


I couldnt realize where
I was really living
And what was a reality
And what was a fantasy

Denying it all presaged
Further defeats
And losing things that
Could be only yours



8. The main art of mortal



Isnt it the main art
   of mortal - being the master
   and ruling everything,
   you see
   It is managing destinies,
   Taking lives,
   And giving existence
   which depends
   only on you!
   Breaking your laws in any way  
   Must result in punishment of death!


   As only you are the master,
   And power - the greatest thing
   In this world - belongs just to you.
   There is only you!
   And this is the way it must be,
   Only this way!

    Only you send death,
    only you leave life,
    only you pass
    a final verdict,
    only you decide,
    how many items there should
    be on the debtor list.



9. Slave forever


In this world, that is real
For  ordinary mortals,
In the world of violence & lie,
Where the law of self-preservation
And survival is holding sway,
Im no one, Im just
A link of enormous,
Useless existence,
That is known as  life


But there Im the master of that
Unknown and unimaginable.
It might be my mistake,
I might have yielded to my illusions,
But its too late to change anything,
Im leaving this world and now
Im the master, master of my dream,
And my life.


Something is braking inside of me
Or outside of me,
Something involuntary or unrealized,
Similar to another, superior mind,
Which controls you,
And orders you to stay.


But there is no return.
Ive trapped into a prison of illusions,
Prison of reality and fantasy,
Into a prison of my dream.


Oh, My God, its just a dream,
It was only a dream,
But not simply a dream
- brutal dream in which
You are a master
For some time,
But a slave


10. Act III: Time of Eternal Dream


11. Crash Of Hope



All my life has passed before my eyes.
All disappointments,
Mistakes and all,
That will never come true.
I am going away forever,
All is left behind,
All that occurred,
All that was supposed to have happened
But will never be.


Oh, if someone had only known
How painfully and offensively
Was leaving something that hadnt been finished,
Something that you had left inside of yourself
Something that could have been realized but will never happen
And will leave with you forever.


But every man has a hope,
Light which glimmers,
On which you lay all
That you didnt manage
Or didnt  have time to do


But if you are deprived of the last hope,
Last desire, last request,
That is what death is -
failure of hope, thoughts, ideas
failure of the last that you have -
Belief in hopeful future,
In a happy life.



12. Last day of the real existence


When you realize
That what you believed in due to your levity
was only illusion,
Illusion or sham
And being more exact
Utopia of that unfeasible
And unreal Happiness,
that had been prepared
By the fate
And which you had destroyed,
Having believed that
You were the master
Of the world,
master of eternal life,
and that you could control destiny
But you didnt believe


That it was only a dream
And that all dreams
Sometimes came to an end.


This is the last day
Of real existence.
The Sun is shining differently,
Something playful, seducing, and
Attractive is felt
In this world, in this
indescribable beauty of nature.
This is just sunlight
That is slightly hidden
By a cloud.


Creation entrancing me
Who are you?
An unknown genius creator
Who was able to create
This world, this wood
This field, this rain.


Oh, My God, this is rain.
Warm summer rain,
My last summer rain.
My tears of deep sorrow,
Tears of revelation,
Tears of bitterness.


Ill never see it again.
How could I be so mistaken,
How could I believe in unreal,
Attractive, but deceptive.


the last summer rain, so tender,
so warm like the most secret dreams
Which you are going through the last time


The time has come,
Time of retribution,
Time of this unknown,
which seemed so attractive
And turned out to be
So deceptive.
Time of a dream,
And eternal sleep.


13. Eternal dream.



Its a dream again.
Its a life again.
But is it a life?
Or it is a fantasy,
A wish to turn desirable
Into reality?   
But it seems to be cruel.
There is no that wonderful
Night which I admired
So much,
I only see thickening darkness,
And gloom which
Is approaching.


But what is it?
It is coming after me
To seize me forever,
Because Im not
The first and
By no means the last
Who has believed
In all this.


It has come,
It orders me.
For the first time in my life
I have brought my thoughts
Desires and dreams together
And the voice of my
Internal being,
The voice of my soul,
outburst of emotions
And thoughts has prayed for mercy and rest.


All my being resisted,
Telling Him:
I cant. I dont want.
I wont.
But nobody heard my entreaty,
The voice of my soul
faded in to the night.
In response there was
Only a terrible
Cold roar of the dark, silent,
Ruthless night,
The roar of the aliens mind:
You Must!


He can only rule
There wasnt a sign of compassion,
in him.
It was a cold, callous and angry cry,
Of that night that had inspired me once.
Night that had taken me away
To another world,
Where I had to stay,
But to stay as a slave,
Where I would be forever on fire
And damn this life, existence, this dream.


14. Act IV: Infinite Road To Hell



15. Dark veil of dream.



Dark shadows, obscure veil of dream.

Thoughts freezing the mind.

Pensive mood of motionlessly

frozen nightmare


and terror as if it is repeating the same phrase over

and over: the one and only the one who is going to live forever,


will be buried alive forever.

Lacerated, hanged alive and

writhing with agony bodies embellish

the main road to the sanctuary of eternal life,

eternal dream, eternal irony and self-oblivion road to Hell.


Insufferable sorrows and sufferings can not put an end to existence of these miserable, deceived creatures,


who just for a moment, but felt themselves masters of that tremendous

and indescribable, that what only they could sense,

and that what would remain in their memories forever

that what they would be deprived of, that for what they had been able


to renounce the real world and simply become a part of embellishment of the endless road what they considered eternity, masters of dream, eternal dream 




16. Where Once the Moon Rose




(Text is Written at July August Night 1997)


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